Ecommerce photography

Collaborate with the team and clients on photoshoots. Manage, organize and scale your eCommerce photography business.

Tools we're building


Get daily news & inspiration from top resources about fashion, beauty, lifestyle & photography. Save your findings, use them later.


Collect and organize links, files, images, and notes into shareable visual boards so everyone stays aligned.


Create custom intake forms in minutes and share the link with your clients directly, on a website or social media.

Chats (soon)

Centralize communication with your team and clients in a powerful messenger with direct, group and support chats.


Turn the answers from intake forms into beautiful proposals and send the link to your clients for approval.

Projects (soon)

Turn accepted proposals into projects. Project is a single source of truth for your photoshoot and a collaborative space for your team.


Let your clients schedule drop-offs, pickups, create shipping labels, request product returns, and track the packages all the way through.

Approvals (soon)

Upload your work and share the link with your clients to get comments or approval fast.

Storage (soon)

Export final work into storage. Everything is tagged automatically using AI so you can easily find it later. No wasted time organizing.


Organize your clients’ info and everything you've made together in one place with quick access by anyone within your team.

How they work together

Create intake form

Create a custom intake form in minutes and share the link with your clients directly, on a website or social media.

Get client request

Once the form is filled out, the answers are sent to you as a message to support chat. Conversation with the potential client starts…

Convert request to proposal

Review the answers and ask more questions if needed. If everything is clear, convert the received request to a proposal. Pro-tip: create shareable visual boards to communicate your vision to the client and include them in the proposal. It helps win more deals.

Get client approval

The client reviews and accepts the proposal. A proposal confirmation message is sent to chat.

Create a project

Turn accepted proposal into the project right from the chat. The proposal will be added to the project details so everyone has context. Project is a single source of truth for your photoshoot so collaboration between your team and client becomes easier.

Send shipping request

If the project requires products on set, you can ask the client to send it to your location. We call it “send shipping request”. The client can process request by creating a shipping label, adding a tracking number, or scheduling drop-off at your location.

Convert a proposal to invoice

Once the products are delivered, convert the previously accepted proposal into an invoice that automatically will be sent to the client.

Finish the project

When the project is paid, you start working on it with your team. Automatically upload images to the project during the photoshoot, assign files to the post-production team, collaborate with your client in real-time, update statuses and create unlimited approval links.

Send products back

After the project is finished and files are approved, your client can request products return by uploading the label, creating the new one, or scheduling a pickup from your studio.

Export final work to storage

Export files to the storage in one click after the project is completed. We’ll automatically tag them. Every tag is like a folder that you can share with your potential clients to showcase your work.

About us

We’re a team behind Squareshot, a NY based content production studio that made almost 100K images for over 2,000 consumer brands. Our team has gone through a lot of ups and downs for the last 5 years. We believe content production shouldn’t be so damn hard!

We’ve seen so many talented people struggling to build a steady freelance business so we decided to step in. We’ve put everything we’ve learned into creating web tools that help anyone and anywhere to build their own content production business.

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